Dia-Clust from Diamond Composite Technology a Division of UK Abrasives Northbrook, Illinois
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Engineering Capabilities

Our experienced engineering staff will assist you with your project. Using your drawings or sample parts we will discuss the goals of your application with you and determine the correct thickness of the coating to be applied.

We also recondition parts by building up the selected worn areas and machining or polishing them to their original dimensions. The improved part performance reduces the frequency of repair while lowering maintenance costs.

Dia-Clust is a Trademark of WE INNOVEX, INC., Northbrook, Illinois USA

Diamond Composite Technology
Div. of UK Abrasives, Inc.
3045 Mac Arthur Blvd. Northbrook, Illinois 60062
Phone: 847.498.3710
FAX: 847.291.7670

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Dia-Clust from Diamond Composite Technology
A Division of UK Abrasives, Inc.
3045 Mac Arthur Blvd.  /  Northbrook, Illinois 60062
Phone: 847.498.3710  /  Fax: 847.291.7670