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The Advantages of Dia-Clust Diamond/Chromium Composite Plating over chrome plating
  • Hardness is at least 33% higher than hard chrome plating.
  • Unique nodular surface texture enhances lubricity, while increasing lubricant retention.
  • Does not gall against itself.
  • Able to coat aluminum, magnesium, and titanium.
  • Applied using standard electroplating equipment.
  • Exceptional abrasion resistance of 300 - 500% over hard chrome plating.
  • Coefficient of friction is significantly reduced compared to that of hard chrome plating.
  • Better corrosion resistance, up to 1000 hrs of salt spray testing.
  • Possibility to substitute expensive hard alloys.
  • Requires no baking or heat treatment after coating.

Dia-Clust Diamond/Chromium Composite Coating Versus Other Coating Processes
This diamond/chromium composite coating process offers a very attractive alternative to PVD, CVD (Physical & Chemical Vapor Deposition) and IBED (Dual Ion-Beam Enhanced Deposition):
Dia-Clust Diamond/Chromium
composite coating

Other processes

Low plating temperature (100-120 o F), no risk of annealing during processing. Temperature of the coating process is close to or higher than the tempering temperature of many materials, which effects dimensional tolerances and can decrease hardness values.
Inexpensive plating cost. Process uses conventional plating equipment. PVD, CVD and IBED require very expensive and complicated equipment. Coating can increase part cost from 2 to 5 times.
Size of the plated part will be limited only by the size of the plating tank. Requires the use of vacuum technology and extensive ultrasonic cleaning for surface preparation, which are both costly and size restrictive.
Thickness of the plating can be controlled from 0.00004" up to 0.002". TiN and TiCN coatings are too thick for precision cutting tolls and too thin for the mold and die industries.

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