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Most efficient areas for application
  • Punches and dies for compacting powdered metals
  • Metal drawing, forming, & blanking punches and dies
  • Molds for die casting, plastic and rubber industries
  • Screws, tips, check valves and sprues for molding
  • Gears, shafts and bearings
  • Food and dairy processing equipment
  • Petrochemical processing equipment
  • Guide rails for ferrite magnets

Some Examples of Production Applications
Using the Dia-Clust Diamond/Chromium Composite Coating
Dies for powder metallurgy: Increases life up to 10 times compared to PVD and CVD coated dies.
Molds for plastic and rubber: Reduces mold injection pressure up to 25% while improving part release. Improve mold life up to 500% when molding glass filled materials.
D2 pelletizing knives: Increase life up to 300%, plus more regrinds from each blade.
Drawing and forming dies: Reduces galling and cold welding, improves part finish, dies last 2 to 5 times longer, and require less maintenance.
Aluminum die cast molds: Cores and dies last up to 300% longer.
Oil pump cylinders: Increases corrosion and wear resistance from 150% to 200%.
Internal combustion engines: Increases part life, while reducing friction, horsepower output increases of up to 7.5%.
Barrels of firearms: Increases life up to 40%.
Tube forming rolls: Reduces galling and cold welding on rolls, improving tube finish.
Tube sizing mandrels: Maintain size and finish on 304 ss, better than CrN, TiN and TiAIN/WC/C.

Miscellaneous Applications
Dia-Clust diamond/chromium composite coating is utilized by design engineers to enhance the surface properties of a variety of materials. Now material selection can be broadened to include lighter, tougher, stronger, cheaper, or more corrosion resistant materials. Dia-Clust enhances the surface durability and lubricity of these materials much better than the traditional alternatives.

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