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Since 1996, we have been utilizing our unique plating technology. DCT has been able to produce a diamond-dispersed chromium matrix composite coating for wear and corrosion resistance. The process uses an ultra-high dispersion of nanometer-sized, spherical shaped diamond particles. Their unique shape allows them to perform like ball bearings and are not designed to abrade material. The diamonds carbon conductivity significantly improves the cluster formation process, especially in chromium plating with a cluster structure.

When introduced into the electrolyte these nanometer size diamond particles act as a catalyst increasing the ionization of the chrome, therefore, the chrome ions surround each of the diamond particles to form a crystallization center. The extremely high number of these crystallization centers (up to 5x10 6 1/cm2) allows the excessive electric current to be maintained during the plating process creating the massive multi-crystallization process.

Due to the excessive ionization of diamond catalysis super small structural fragments are formed, so there are no microscopic voids in the surface, unlike conventional plating processes. As a result, a dense super-hard diamond dispersed chromium composite coating increases the surface hardness while significantly reducing friction and corrosion.

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